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Format: online daily - 40-50 minutes. Registration and availability of videos on a closed Telegram channel. For participants of the “4K Club” and the “Everything is Possible” seminar, the discount code is posted in Telegram.


During the course we discover the frequencies of our I Am and integrate them into our lives.


This means a transition to a new process of Creation - the direct manifestation of what is desired in events.


We tune out the programs of the mind, switching to direct perception and creation of reality with the frequencies of the Higher Self. In practice, this leads to phenomenal changes in life, since the algorithm of repeating ego patterns stops.


During the course, we practice sensing the frequencies of the highest vibrations every day for 30 minutes in order to further project this into current processes. Every day a new skill and new frequency combinations are added.


We work with the frequencies of our I Am, enhancing our own feelings of joy, which begin to spread to all aspects of life.


So, extremely intense work with energies awaits you, euphoria and mental resistance await you, recognition of yourself and the discovery of the “impossible” await you - as far as, of course, you allow yourself to do so.


This course goes beyond minutes of watching videos, it requires you to integrate all your skills into your day. Not tomorrow and not later - change Now.

We will analyze and open the frequencies of Love, Gratitude, Beauty..., make them intense and come from within, and not from events. Which means the slow dissolution of dependence on what is happening outside. You become Source in every sense because you are directly aware of what and why you have chosen to manifest.


We will also work on the topic of sound vibrations, which opens the door to the frequency world of Earth consciousness. Whether you go there or not is up to you, but these processes are many orders of magnitude more powerful than working with affirmations and visualization.


The course also directly affects the frequency of the body. Here you will find an expanded understanding of the relationship between your thoughts and what is happening with the cells of the body, allowing you to establish direct contact with them. This means the ability to choose bodily transformation in any direction.



Practical course lee “Frequencies I Am”

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  • After paying for your order, you will receive a PDF file containing information and links to watch or download videos (books), and this file will also be sent to you by email (where the links are valid for 30 days). If you have any questions, please contact support

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