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Eleventh webinar of the 4k series "Sacred Heart"


Date: August 26, 15.00 (GMT+2)


A webinar about how I Am creates the physical world, being Everywhere and in a specific body in particular.


From our Center we perceive the world with our mind and sensations, reacting from Love and Fear. It is a process of being within Being and exploring oneself, using the illusion of separation. The sacred heart is located precisely in the center, having access to the world before and after the separation from One to Many. And realizing this perspective of Self opens you up to the option of “anything is possible” as you perceive the full picture.


At the webinar we will look at how an illusion is created and how to go beyond it.


We will also consider how to form a new type of thinking from the Heart, in which the Higher Self plays its leading role, and the physical mind is occupied with useful current affairs.


This is a life filled with Love and synchronistic events.

Webinar "4k Sacred Heart"

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