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Sixth webinar series  4k "Secret"


The date of the -6 May 15.00Tel Aviv


The "Secret" webinar is precise and detailed instructions for materializing what you want.

In this webinar, we bring together our 4K awareness skills to see exactly how the transition from "want" to "get" occurs.


It is important to be willing to see the ease of this process. There is nothing difficult if you have already realized that EVERYTHING IS WITHIN and are ready to give up attachment to beliefs.

And then you will have a clear understanding of HOW TO CREATE.


In this webinar we will analyze all the steps of creating what you want in the physical world with the utmost precision of each step.


Next, your mind will show you how much you are ready to use the clarity of the process or whether you still need complex schemes to look for a dark cat in a black room that is not there at all...


At the webinar:

- algorithm for realizing what you want


“Believe it or not, I don’t believe it” is not what we implement. In this case, the following works - either you are aware of each of the 7 steps, or missing at least one step means that the mind is still in the fog.


This webinar is a logical continuation of the entire series of 4K webinars.


Webinar 4K "Secret"

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