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Second webinar series4K "Wings"


Date: February 4 15.00 (GMT+2) 16.00 (GMT+3)

4K webinar “Wings” on how to speed up materialization or move something that hasn’t moved.


Let's start learning the skills of working outside of time, or more precisely, working with time from the Here and Now state. The past helps the future while you are Here. The future helps the past while you are Now.


In the context of 4th density we are looking at the theme of the combination of what is now and what we desire to create.


We are talking about the connection between present frequencies and frequencies of a future event.

Let's study the topic of switching frequencies from “no”, “not yet” to frequencies “is”. Nuances and ways to implement this.


These are practical aspects, their application depends on how well you completed the task of the previous webinar “Beauty of the Mind”.


Webinar 4K "Wings"

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