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First webinar of the 4K series


Date: January 21 15.00 (GMT+2) 16.00 (GMT+3)

A webinar on how to train the mind to create what we want, instead of wandering through the labyrinths of beliefs.

4K Series Webinar - Fourth Density Context. This context assumes that you are aware of the difference between the ego's desire to maintain itself unchanged and your Source essence wanting to realize Itself to its fullest potential.

In the webinar we discuss:

- the specifics of the victim creating 3D reality;

- how to switch the mind to Creator mode;

- “strong elements” that should be applied subtly;

- the basis of the magic of sound.

Considering the big picture - where to direct your skills, your thoughts and attention to realize your True Self. In other words, we learn to create efficiently and beautifully, using 5D perception skills for this.


Webinar 4K "Beauty of the mind"

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