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Tenth 4k webinar "Always and Everywhere"


Date: August 12, 15.00 (GMT+2)



The purpose of the webinar is to show a broader picture of what is happening in a person’s life. Namely, the influence on current events of “tasks at birth”, personal decisions in the past and future. These events turn the energies of the current day on and off, and these switchings are usually completely ignored by the mind.


Understanding what is happening from an expanded perspective. How your Higher Self sees the picture of your life and what is the key turning point in each event. This is the beginning of a partnership between the physical mind and the Higher Self.


We will also consider the basic principles of the “shortcut”. This is what you should keep your focus on in order to continuously follow the best life scenario.


Let's study the important keys that open the doors of the necessary paths to the desired events.

We launch a single stream of awareness of what is happening.

Webinar 4k "Always and Everywhere"

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